Saturday, 23 June 2012

Trial 05 - verdicts

Here we are, the verdicts for Trial 05! A short trial, but a good one.

12 Stones - Beneath The Scars
I'm quite a fan of 12 Stones, and this album didn't disappoint. If I was to describe the music, I would say it is rock, not overly heavy and quite upbeat, and perhaps reminds me of some 3 Doors Down songs or something like that. Definately worth including on the iPod!
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod.

Mystery Jets - Radlands
When I decided to add Mystery Jets to the trial, I really wasn't bothered about them at all. My friend had been on at me to try them out, so I said I'd put them on trial just for him. After listening to the album I must admit I was extremely pleasantly suprised! I actually really like them. They're quite upbeat, a little chilled out but really nice music and perfect for the summer as well.
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod.

Adrenaline Mob - Omerta
Adrenaline Mob. Oh yes! This album seemed to be a mix of new music and previously released tracks such as "Believe Me" and "Hit The Wall" but is definately worth it. The usual heavy bass, excellent guitar and incredible vocals. I'm going to see them play in London in July, supported by Voodoo Six and I cannot wait!
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod.

Soundgarden - Superunknown

As I was going to see Chris Cornell play at the London Palladium, I thought I better brush up on my Soundgarden. Superunknown is one of their best albums so I thought' this would be a good choice. I recall trying out Soundgarden many years ago, and wasn't particularly sure about them. Since then, I have listened to and loved Audioslave, so I thought I might be "more into" Soundgarden on second attempt. I do like them more, but I can see why I wasn't that keen before. I'll add them to the playlist on probation and see how we go!
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod, "on probation".

The Used - Vulnerable

I can't remember where I found The Used. I think it might have been a recommendation on iTunes. Anyway, they seem alright! The singer has quite a young voice. In fact I'm not sure if the singer is male or female! I'm going to put them on probation as I got a bit bored by the end of the album.
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod, "on probation".

Van Halen - A Different Kind Of Truth
Van Halen's new album disappointed me a little. I got bored quite quickly and I think if I didn't include it on my iPod I wouldn't miss it. I think I was hoping for it to be a bit more Chickenfoot-esque!
Verdict: Relegate to computer.

Zodiac N Black - The Aftermyth
A certain social networking website promoted this band to me so I thought I'd try them out. The message was "If you like Black Spiders then you'll love Zodiac N Black". I'm not sure if that statement is completely true - I didn't think they sounded much like Black Spiders although it was bluesy-rock and pretty decent at that - but I do love this band!
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod.

The Parlor Mob - Dogs
Something has happened to The Parlor Mob and I'm not really sure what it is. I'm pretty sure the songs on their first album were quicker, a bit heavier, and generally had a different sound about them. But, don't get me wrong - Dogs is a good album. I got the impression that it was more of a "radio-friendly" album (although I would gladly argue that their first album could easily make the cut on mainstream radio) but I guess that's not a bad thing. I think this deserves another listen again very soon, so I'm going to add it but not on probation!
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod.

Slash - Apocalyptic Love
Well, well, well...finally this album is out and it did not disappoint. Some of the songs are just brilliant, and there are a couple of Alter Bridge/Myles Kennedy-esque ones in the mix as well which is great for AB fans. It makes a nice change from the other stuff that Myles Kennedy has done with Mayfield Four and Alter Bridge, but I will say that as of now I think AB is better than the Slash/Myles combination. Perhaps the Slash/Myles combo will go a bit more down the Velvet Revolver route - in which case I may change my mind! Whatever happens, this album is most definately in the playlist, and it has already been listened to 5 times!
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod.

And that concludes the verdicts for Music On Trial 05! Comments and suggestions welcome!