Sunday, 23 October 2011

Trial 02 - Verdicts

Here are the verdicts for Trial 02:
The Subways: Money & Celebrity
Opinion: I had mixed feelings about this album whilst listening to it, but shortly after I listened to it I went to a Subways gig and this helped change my opinion about some of the songs. Now that I have seen them live I appreciate the album a bit more, although I think it's a toss-up between Young For Eternity and All Or Nothing as to which is the best. Some good songs in here though, so I'm happy to promote this to my main playlist.
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod.

Voodoo Six: First Hit For Free
Opinion: Simply put, this band is cool. Good, heavy guitar, great vocals - you just have to listen to understand! Definately promoting this one!
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod.

Adrenaline Mob: Adrenaline Mob EP
Opinion: When I previewed the Adrenaline Mob on iTunes, I thought "I think I'll like this...". But even though their EP is only 5 songs, I found it a bit too much! Not sure what it was that made me think this. I'll promote to my main playlist, but this one is under probation - I'll have to see what I think when the songs play on random.
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod, "on probation".

Triggerfinger: What Grabs Ya
Opinion: A good start for Triggerfinger in my opinion with this album. Quite upbeat overall, pretty rocky, I wasn't sure what their other album would be like but this one was pretty decent. Happy to promote this one.
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod.

The Answer: Revival
Opinion: I am a massive fan of The Answer, but after a first listen of this album I felt quite disappointed. I must admit I listened to it straight away again after the trial to convince myself that it is actually a good album! At first I thought it started off slowly, with a few songs that were very "Answer-esque" but the rest were quite slow whereas most of their songs are usually quite rocky and upbeat. Then, towards the end of the album the songs picked up and I started to think that it's not so bad after all. Once I listened to it again though, I felt I was probably a bit harsh - it's actually a really decent album and shows that the band can write songs with different styles. There's no way I could do anything other than promote this album to my main playlists, but at least now I'm doing it because I want to rather than because I feel I have to!
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod.

White Denim: D
Opinion: Sorry, this just didn't click for me. I got bored about halfway through the album! So it's relegation for White Denim I'm afraid!
Verdict: Relegate to computer.

Kasabian: Velociraptor!
Opinion: I must admit, I'm not the biggest Kasabian fan, but I did like their previous album so I thought I'd give this a go. I have mixed feelings - I think probably the songs could grow on me but I didn't feel the same as when I listened the previous album, i.e. pleasantly suprised and happy to promote it to my playlist! I'll put this one on probation.
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod, "on probation".

Miles Kane: Colour of the Trap
Opinion: Quite liked this! In all honesty, Miles Kane's album sounded more like what I expected Kasabian's new album to sound like! A bit "samey" by the end of it but a decent album and I like forward to having his songs on my iPod.
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod.

Voodoo Six: Fluke
Opinion: Again, excellent album. I think Voodoo Six are probably the star band of this trial, and that's what it's all about! They seem like they would be excellent when playing live.
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod.
Leslie West: Unusual Suspects
Opinion: Leslie West collaborated with artists such as Steve Lukather, Slash and Zakk Wylde on this album so it promised to be a beauty. I did enjoy it for sure, but I thought perhaps it was a bit too long and after a while it started to sound the same. I'm really not sure about whether to promote this or not. I think I'll put it on probation for now and see how it goes.
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod.

Triggerfinger: All This Dancin' Around
Opinion: I was a bit disappointed with this Triggerfinger album - it didn't have the same sound "What Gets Ya" - much slower and more mellow, so a bit of a suprise. As I don't know the band I'm not sure whether this is their actual style or if it is a change in their style. Relegation for this album, I'm afraid!
Verdict: Relegate to computer.

Chickenfoot: III
Opinion: Chickenfoot are a brilliant band and their second album did not disappoint. Same great sound with Van Halen-esque vocals and brill guitar. A certain promotion to the main playlists!
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod.

And so that wraps up the verdicts for Trial 02! Feel free to post your comments and suggestions for the next trial - but you need to register first!


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