Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Trial 04 - verdicts

Well, this was an interesting trial. Certainly some suprises in the mix. Let's get straight to it....

Shinedown: Amarylis
Opinion: This is a good album. The first few songs sounded the best on first listen, but I think the whole album could be a grower and it's nice to hear some new material from Shinedown.
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod.

Volbeat: Beyond Hell/Above Heaven
Opinion: I quite liked this band. Not particularly heavy rock, although I don't really know if I can compare them to anyone. I got a bit bored towards the end of the album, but I'm happy to put them on the main playlist and see how it goes!
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod.
Tribes: Baby
Opinion: This was a pleasant suprise. I think by the end of the album I got bored but I liked it overall. And considering when I put it on the playlist I didn't really have any interest whatsoever in listening to The Tribes, this is pretty good going! They reminded me a little bit of Airbourne Toxic Event, who I also really like.
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod.

Godsmack: Awake
Opinion: I honestly thought Godsmack would not be my cup of tea, but they are far from that. This band is brilliant! Pretty heavy, but not so much that it put me off listening to them because I couldn't understand any of the words of the songs...definately a welcome addition to my playlists!
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod.

Queens Of The Stone Age: Queens Of The Stone Age
Opinion: If I don't add QOTSA to my main playlist, I wouldn't really be bothered. Sorry, that's just how I feel about them! Yes, they're a good band, and yes, they have some brilliant songs - but as a whole album it sounds very same-y and I got pretty bored to be honest. And considering this is a trial of albums as a whole, unfortunately this one didn't pass the test!
Verdict: Relegate to computer.

Deftones: White Pony
Opinion: Gonna keep this one short and sweet. Two words: "errr...no!!!!"
This is basically the kind of music I was expecting to hear from Godsmack, for some reason. A bit too heavy, and it all just sounds like shouting and noise. Not for me I'm afraid!
Verdict: Relegate to computer.

Bruce Springsteen: Wrecking Ball
Opinion: "Bruce Springsteen?!" I hear you shout? Yes! At times it all sounded a bit country-and-western but I thought this was quite a good album. Gonna put it on probation because it did all sound a bit same-y after a while, but it certainly makes the step up.
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod, "on probation".

Jack White: Blunderbuss
Opinion: This album and artist epitomises what these trials are all about. With quite a bluesy feel, I thought this was an absolutely brilliant album and I loved every song. Most definately promoted to my main playlist, and I absolutely recommend you give this one a try!
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod.
Halestorm: The Strange Case Of...
Opinion: This was a really good album! The first few songs really stuck in my memory, and there are a few dotted about with some very tongue-in-cheek lyrics. Good work from Halestorm, as I thought it might sound a bit too similar to their previous album.
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod.

Iron Maiden: Rock In Rio
Opinion: I wanted a live Iron Maiden album for my collection and this one was recommended - I now understand why! Loved it.
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod.
New Order: The Best of New Order
Opinion: I'm going to see Blur supported by New Order in August, so I thought I better see what all the fuss is about by trying their "Best Of" album. I guess at the time they were pretty big, but it isn't really music that I'm interested in. Apart from the last song with John Barnes - "World In Motion" - that's a good one! I think I might just put that on my main playlist!
Verdict: Relegate to computer.

Rage Against The Machine: The Battles Of Los Angeles
Opinion: Oh yes, another RATM album that I didn't know about! You can never have too much RATM in your collection. Promotion for sure!
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod.
Rise Against: Endgame
Opinion: I'm not sure about Rise Against. Nothing wrong with them, but there was nothing that made me think "wow, I'm missing out here by not having them on my iPod!". So I'm in two minds about whether to put them on probation or whether to just relegate them to my computer...
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod, "on probation".
SuperHeavy: SuperHeavy
Opinion: SuperHeavy are awesome! They reminded me a bit of a rocky (ish), funky Bob Marley mixed with Black Eyed Peas, or Black Keys possibly. It's hard to describe them to be honest! Just give them a try!
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod.
Velvet Revolver: Lethal Injection
Opinion: I found this album just by chance...it's a pretty strange one to be honest. It is mostly made up of mini songs (skits?) which are quite bizarre, with a couple of acoustic songs thrown in ("Slither" and "Used To Love Her", plus a cover of Pink Floyd's "Money"! Really quite bizarre so I think I'm going to just add those songs and ditch the rest!
Verdict: Relegate to computer.

Alter Bridge: Live At Wembley
Opinion: Well, this is a no-brainer. In all honesty I had listened to this album 3 or 4 times before the trial! But I added it more as a safe bet in case it all went wrong and the rest were rubbish! Absolutely definately promoted to the playlist.
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod.

And that concludes the verdicts for Music On Trial 04! Trial 05 is around the corner so get your suggestions in quick!


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