Sunday, 19 February 2012

Trial 03 - verdicts

It's been a long time coming but here are the verdicts for Trial 03:

Adelitas Way: Home School Valedictorian
Opinion: Considering Adelitas Way are a band on the same label as Alter Bridge, Black Stone Cherry and Theory of a Deadman, this should have been a done-deal. On first listen, however, I wasn't completely blown away in the same way that I was with those other bands. But, I'm willing to give this band a go - I think they'll grow on me with time.
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod, "on probation".

Tracer: Spaces In Between
Opinion: Tracer sound amazing. Good vocals, and great guitar make this a must-have for the iPod. I'm not sure if I'd go to see them headline a gig just yet, but if they were supporting another band that would certainly help me make a decision to go.
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod.

Saint Jude: Diary Of A Soul Fiend
Opinion: A friend told me that the lead singer of Saint Jude is the same girl who sang a duet with The Answer on their latest album, "Revival". Basically Saint Jude are a similar kind of band to The Answer but with a female singer - and they are brilliant. I'm usually not that fussed about female vocals in rock bands (excluding the likes of Halestorm, Evanescence)...and Saint Jude are certainly an exception.
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod.

Royal Republic: We Are The Royal
Opinion: If I'm not mistaken, I think Royal Republic have something to do with Danko Jones. A fun-sounding band, with some funky songs although I'm not sure how long it will be before I get bored of them and demote them. So for now, they're on probation!
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod, "on probation".

The Union: Siren's Song
Opinion: There is no question that The Union are one of my new favourite bands. The singer has an amazing voice, the songs are really good - and their second album did not disappoint. I'm really looking forward to seeing them support The Answer in March this year.
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod.

Gentlemans Pistols: At Her Majesty's Pleasure
Opinion: Short and sweet opinion here - I really enjoyed listening to this album, and it most definately gets my vote for promotion to the main playlist. Hopefully any future albums will be just as good or better!
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod.

The Black Keys: El Camino
Opinion: The Black Keys are one of those "FIFA bands", where their song is on the soundtrack for one of the FIFA games. They sounded quite good on the game and I'd heard alot of good reviews so I decided to give their album a go. I would say that as an album overall, I wasn't sure about it. But if one of their songs started playing on shuffle I wouldn't complain. I think they might grow on me, but it's probation for now!
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod, "on probation".

Voodoo Six: Falling Knives - EP
Opinion: There is no way to describe Voodoo Six other than "bloody fantastic". They definately get the award for "best new band", ahead of The Union (see above) and The Glitterati (reviewed in Trial 01 in September 2011). To be honest, I knew this album would be promoted before I even listened to it!
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod.

The Stone Roses: The Very Best Of The Stone Roses
Opinion: Maybe I'm being stupid saying this, but I didn't like The Stone Roses. I got bored half-way through the album, and I just didn't really enjoy listening to it or didn't think "wow I like this band, I'll get into them much more now". Relegation, I'm afraid!
Verdict: Relegate to computer.

Sick Puppies: Tri-PolarOpinion: The jury's out on this one. Sick Puppies sound like a good band, but I'm not sure if I like them enough to want to get their next album, or see them play live, for example. I'd say probation for now, but they're on thin ice!
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod, "on probation".

Adelitas Way: Adelitas Way
Opinion: This was the debut album from Adelitas Way, and I wanted to put it in this trial to compare to their second album (Home School Valedictorian). As with that album, I'm still not sure, and I think I'll have to put this on probation as well.
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod, "on probation".

Band Of Skulls: Baby Darling Doll Face Honey
Opinion: I think this band are worth a go, but more along the lines of listening to the occasional song on shuffle rather than the full album. The ultimate combination would be to want to listen to a bands' album over and over, and also want to see them play live. Band Of Skulls aren't quite at that level yet but I'll promote them and see how it goes.
Verdict: Promote to main playlists on iPod.

And that's it for the Trial 03 verdicts! Registration to post your comments and suggestions for the next trial is free so don't be shy!


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